2022 Thoughts and Goals

6 minute read Published: 2021-12-31

What Happened in 2021 (oh and 2020)?

Last time I reflected on the past year and wrote my aspirations for the upcoming year was 2 (!!) years ago1. A lot (... a pandemic?) has happened since then but in some ways I feel like I'm back to square one2. Let's see...

Did 2020 me do what 2019 me expected? Well, sort of:

I didn't take the time in 2020 to write down some 2021 goals, so here's what happended:

And Now 2022...

I have a lot to look forward to in 2022 - I'll be joining a team that works closely with Containers (ergo: Go!!), Open Source, Linux... basically, what seems like a dream team for me since I was a lowly sophomore in my school's Linux Users Group. There are certainly some other things I have to look forward to in 2022 that I won't mention here, so to close, here are some goals:

A few of my coworkers are contributors or even maintainers for projects like containerd. As I learn more about containers, container runtimes, etc., I hope to make some open source contributions in my work/spare time.

In my opinion, the best way to stay sharp, well rounded, creative, etc. as an individual, professional, or otherwise is to read. Like the Go language/syntax, this appears simple but is actually more difficult than it seems. As they say, life gets in the way - it is easier said than done to find time to read. I plan on being more proactive about cutting time out of my day to read rather than doom scrolling on my phone - an easy one is to crack open a book5 during lunch rather than staring at my phone. I have a Goodreads that I used more diligently in the past. Getting back in the habit of logging my reading through that will be a good way to track my effort in this goal.

I "completed" a project last spring - a CLI typeracer. If you're curious enough to check out the sauce you'll see a hacked together project with its share of TODOs. I'd like to clean this up and make it a bit more presentable and legit, and who knows, maybe turn it into a public-facing game. I also will need to finish making my aocrunner before next year's Advent of Code. There's a few other small projects I'd like to start/finish in 2022, and I'm still coming up with strats that work for me in seeing a toy project to completion.

Ok yea this one's 11 months out, but next year I ~promise~6 will be the year I do all 25 (50?) Advent of Code challenges. This year I got the furthest than I have before which was fun. Next year I'll hopefully be aided by my aocrunner.

Cheers to the New Year 🎉

The last two years have had their ups and downs, their twists and turns, whatever you want to call it. In any case, Jan 1 always elicits feelings of hope and ambition. I hope anyone reading this feels the same and has a happy and healthy 2022 :)

1 https://ginglis.me/new-year-2020
2 or should I say day 1... /cringe
3 kanye did it first
4 at first because of Hackers class, now because I finally got around to changing the site theme and I want to again :) blogs due for a few projects from 2021
5 aka open a pdf or epub on my ReMarkable
6 no promises