About Me

2019, Aug 27    

My name is Gavin Inglis. I am a current junior studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame. My main interests are Systems Programming, Network Engineering, and Linux, but I enjoy reading and learning about all things computer science.

I am a SysAdmin and Secretary for the Notre Dame Linux Users Group. I most recently worked for Accenture on a project in the Public Health space in Cincinnati. I was introduced to Salesforce tools, and I had experience developing and administrating in Salesforce. I was also given a lot of exposure to project management in tech consulting.

This coming spring I will be participiating in the Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester, a program offered by ND out in the valley for students looking to take relevant courses and work at local companies/startups. I will be interning at Deliv, a startup in Menlo Park that offers same day delivery services. My responsibilities will begin as a Q/A Tester, with the goal of creating a test suite for the entire product. Once I’m more familiar with the tech stack and business problem, I hope to work on more traditional software development.

This summer, I will be working for Amazon as a Software Development Engineer Intern in the Austin, TX office! Super excited for that experience, still waiting to hear what team I will be placed on.

Apart from my computer science coursework, extracurriculars, and interests, I like to play video games (Rocket League, Enter the Gungeon, anything on the Switch), run, work at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center in the ticket office, hang out on IRC (garvin on snoonet and freenode), and read. I love tea and coffee - currently using an AeroPress as it is very convenient to use in college.

If you want to contact me, I’m on IRC, my email is accessible via the sidebar to the left (or top of page on mobile), or you can send me a quick line using this form below. This form works using AWS SES, which wasn’t too bad to set up being that I host this site on AWS S3.